Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blog about the Blog

I just finished reading my sister's first blog which coincidentally was about us and it was lovely.  http://abster-gabster.blogspot.com/ 

Having a sister is really great and I was lucky enough to spend Easter weekend with my sister and her family and it was the best visit.  We finally have reached the age where the pressures of raising children are dwindling or at least diminished enough that we can actually share other more adult things.  We still have responsibilities but they are not as pressing and that has given us a renewed sense of sistership.

During the "busy years"  you spend all your visiting time discussing and focusing on kids...kids...kids!  Which is not a bad thing but you leave behind the sister stuff that only sisters can understand.

So to have a few days together with relatively few interruptions was amazing and we packed a lot of sister stuff into the visit.  Things that we share like fitness and cooking and baking and shopping and visiting family.  We did a lot but it flew by and suddenly it was over.

It makes you realize the value of that relationship and what it can continue to be in the future.

Just when you think your life is feeling a void from your children spreading their wings this comes along and I feel very fortunate to have such a great sister and look forward to more of these visits now.

There really is nothing like a sister!

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Jann said...

I have great 'sister envy' when I see you two together! You are so lucky!