Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To My Mother

Howdy! Howdy! Howdy!

I just want to write about women......well in particular Mothers.....and to be exact my Mother.

She just celebrated her 79th birthday a couple of weeks ago.  Really hard to imagine since she is quite nimble and very with it for 79.

She is adamant that there will be no 80th Celebration!  Not that she doesn't want to get there.... she doesn't want to be the center of attention. The truth is that considering her today I would be very surprised not to see her here for her 80th and possibly her 90th if she continues at this rate.

It is interesting to watch the ever changing roles that women play.  My Mother has just re-entered the world of caregiver.  Not that she really ever left it but recently she has been thrown into it a bit more in the care of Joe.....her husband of almost 58 years.

I find it interesting how we just seem to metamorphosis into whatever we need to be.  Although she is in pretty good shape she still is almost an octogenarian and she cannot do everything she has always done but I notice an increased energy in her step now that she has more responsibility.  I guess that is ageless.  We all need purpose and responsibility.

I watch her now with Dad and she plays both Wife and now a wee bit of Mother to him.  Small things like playing crib with him but not really caring if she wins.....giving him way more chances to get points than normal and just happy he is there to play.  Keeping him happy!

And walking down to get the mail when it is normally Dad's job.  She had quite a spring in her step knowing that she needs to be doing the things he cannot.
Paying bills as well.  These tasks are very quickly becoming her responsibility with his approval of course.  I taught her how to pay her bills online but she still needs to ask him if it is okay to go ahead and pay the bills.  Something our generation would never even dream of doing as those roles have long since been disintegrated with men and women equally sharing the responsibilities of running a household.

It is kind of strange to watch her gain energy as he loses it.  Mother Nature is so powerful in her ways.  Preparing us for our futures without us even catching onto her sneaky little foreshadowing.

Here's to my Mom and all Women ....Mothers....Wives....Daughters....Sisters....Aunts......Caregivers.....

All the women in my life!!



Abster said...

Cheers back at you! Nice blog. Looking forward to coming in November and seeing everyone.

Abster said...

It's high time for a new blog about being a Gramma!