Friday, September 28, 2012

Falling into Fall

Interesting how blogging works.  You don't really feel you have anything worthwhile to say and then suddenly something inspires you. 

Just sitting at my computer working when all of a sudden my Dad scoots by the house....literally scoots on his scooter.  How cute it that?

It is hard to imagine what 85 is like as an age but I am really hopeful that I have the same zest for life that he does at 85.  He is like a young boy out on his bike.  "Be home by suppertime"  I imagine my Mom yelling as he heads for the door. 

Last year at this time I really wondered if my Dad would reach 85 but he managed to pull it together and carry on and we are very happy he did.  He has witnessed me becoming a Grandparent which sheds light on a whole new level of family.  The domino son becomes a Father, I become a Grandmother and my parents become Great Grandparents.  Wow!  Such a lot of roles we attain in a lifetime.

I have watched my parents be Grandparents for 36 years already and I really don't think the sparkle ever leaves your eye once you set sight of that perfect little production. 

My oldest nephew Joe Jr. stopped in to see my parents not too long ago and they still have the same overwhelming gush of love as they did when he popped over from next door when he was a little guy totally naked except for rubber boots. 

It is marvelous to hear my Mom call me Grandma and I have now taken to calling her G.G.

With the approach of Thanksgiving weekend next week it seems a suitable time to reflect and be thankful for a year full of great events....Dad scooting around the neighbourhood, Mom turning 80 next week, the arrival of our dear little Wallace, Tait turning 19 in a couple of weeks and slowly coming out of the teenage fog, Kyle blasting on in his educational pursuits and sharing his life with lovely Lindsay, Reilly having a great year with Tiffany becoming parents and planning their wedding in 2013, Mike biking his heart out this summer (his new passion).

All in all I really like Falling into Fall favorite time of the year!


Abster said...

:) Awesome blog! Had to wait 11 months for a new one though. Can't tell you how many times I've checked to see if there was a new entry. Happy Thanksgiving!

della, dino & skye said...

Great blog Lou! brings a tear to my eye. Then again everything does these days! haha. Funny how sharing life with a little one can do that. Melts your heart. Hugs to you, Mike & the kids (not so much kids anymore!). Happy Thanksgiving!

coulee_girl said...

Great blog Lou. Love to hear that there is another GG in the world :). Equally happy to read about everyone's growth and happiness. Your positive outlook on life is infectious :)