Monday, January 3, 2011

My First Ever Blog

Well my niece and cousin's daughter got me intrigued about blogging so I thought I would give it a try.  Not sure what a middle aged woman like myself will have to say that is read worthy but who knows it may be fun?!

January is such a dreary month and, in my already Vitamin D deficient state,  that may be a very good reason to try to take my mind off what is happening in snow and cold and concentrate what is happening mind that is.

I just finished reading all the New Year tips on and am left wondering if this yearly cycle thing is healthy.  Women seem to struggle so much with the constant back and forth and push and pull of weight loss....weight gain, feeling happy ....feeling sad, sexy....not know how it goes.  I watch my house full of men and they never seem to go through any major ups and downs like women do.  I don't know if that is good or bad but it sure is different.  Sometimes I could just scream but mostly I just end up sitting back and laughing at how utterly ridiculous I must appear to them.

Of course, they appear quite ridiculous to me as well when they preen themselves in front of the mirror all happy in their pot-bellied bliss.  They could care less if they don't look exactly perfect. I  actually feel kind of sick when I hear my son say...."Oh I really need to gain weight!"  Who in their ever-loving right mind needs to gain weight.  Don't they know the entire world is trying desperately to lose weight?

They also never appear to feel fact they don't appear to feel anything at all!  They spend their entire time wondering what we are feeling and terrified to ask as we darn well would tell them and it would likely end up being their fault as well.....even the weight thing somehow is their fault.

And feeling sexy....well that is a whole other kettle of fish.....I frankly cannot remember really what that is except maybe on the odd occasion another woman may comment on how great you look or that you are really seeming healthy....who wants to hear that from another woman?  Well I guess I do at this point as I don't hear it anywhere else :)

And so....welcome January 2011......feeling a bit overweight, not entirely happy and definitely not sexy!  Bring it on!


Robin said...

New year with a new blog! Congratulations! Funny, I was just talking about blogs some 12 hours ago while watching the film Julie/Julia. The main character was worried that it may be a waste of time and energy. Perhaps I am the first person to respond. So here's to lots of readers, lots of commentary, lots of support....and perhaps even a book/film deal! :)


PS You are super sexy, YOU just don't know it yet!

Lou said...

Thanks husband's culinary skills may be on the agenda soon...who knows. I appreciate your support!

Abby said...

Awesome first blog Lou. Loved it!