Monday, October 5, 2015

Facing the Elephant in the Closet

I don't know about you but when Fall arrives I am motivated to review the ever expansive wardrobe in my closet.  Pardon the double entendre.

This doesn't happen every year but as we tend to accumulate excessive amounts of items in our closet we start to feel that we are confused and frustrated when stepping in to find something to wear.

Of course, our aging expanding bodies do not help the situation.  We peer into the abyss only to see what we used to be. Somehow our sense of worth is tied up in that feeling. Unwarranted but true. We see ourselves in our shapes, sizes and appearance instead of the true self of what is inside that package.

Not unlike the shift in what we can fit into, our inner selves shift and expand into a rounder and more generous individual.  We see things differently as we age and we take the time to slow things down and view the more simple aspects of life.

Becoming a Grandparent is the ultimate indication of this slow down.  You want to take the time to capture every single moment of your little one's phases.  The simplicity of walking in the park or playing in the backyard watching them eagerly learn and share such simple things like painting rocks with water or adventure walking a few blocks to some unknown destination of their choosing.

Our lives are so fast and children continue to try to get us to slow down and take in the moment.  Listen to the crickets in the grass.  Enjoy the splendor of the sun.  Feel the rain on your cheeks.  Stop thinking about your outside image and work on your inside image.

If you ask a child they will never remember you as thin or fat they will remember you as your inner self.....full of love and joy and a well rounded person enjoying what this age has to offer.


Lisa Odland said...

Absolutely beautiful post! You are incredible inside and out, Gramma Lou <3

Lou said...

Thanks are a very special person!!